Camping / Panther Falls

Four friends and I will be taking a camping trip Friday, April 20 - Saturday, April 21. Their names are withheld here, but are written on the sheet on my desk. Here are the specifics in case of any mishaps or concerns.

Panther Falls, Amherst, VA. Within 1 mile of 3742’25.40”N 7917’20.49”W. For those whom know the area, we plan on sticking around the rocks people jump off of for the most part and we plan on wandering up some of the hills around there at night. If the area is flooded, we’ll be upstream about a 5 minute walk on the trail.

Expected Return:
Before 2pm Saturday. Attempt phone contact after 12:30pm and before 4pm. Initiate radio contact otherwise.

Radio Contact and Procedure:
Monitoring 146.520mhz (2m call freq). If needed, emergency calls on the hour under three second zero rule (5w transmit - you’ll hear me alright). Don’t expect to find me on any Buena Vista repeaters. There is also no cellular service at the campsites.