Cabin Fever & Thanksgiving 2012

Spending Thanksgiving week in Fredericksburg may have not been the most productive as far as free time goes, but I did manage to get some work in on some projects this break. I am months behind on my ballooning-related projects, mainly due to the mindset needed to dive into coding them again (fnstraj is an asynchronous algoritm, takes an hour or two of studying own code to understand it well enough to dive into fixes).


  • Made trip to the National Gallery of Art. This was my first trip to an Art museum and I absolutely loved it. They had a very fine collection of paintings and modern/contemporary art. My favorite was the Roy Lichtenstein exhibit. His work really popped off of the white walls. I also enjoyed being able to breathe on Van Gogh and Degas paintings. Such a rare opportunity to do that. Museum trip also meant riding the train to and from DC, which is one of my favorite things to do. It may have been crowded on the VRE, but we were smart and grabbed seats regardless (fun fact: always easy to grab seats when you board southbound at Union).
  • Personal site/project work. Prepared this site for the California trip writings I plan to complete (3 days on a train means I will have plenty of time for words). Transitioned Fly Near Space rebuild from Sinatra to format. Thankfully, this will ease local development for me and also allows for the site to be hosted directly on S3, which will make it faster than the Mediatemple hosting it is currently using. Also fixed directionality on fnstraj, which means the predictor sorta-kinda looks feasible next to other trajectory predictors.
  • Lit up the tree in the front yard. For the third year, I duck-taped some broomsticks together, assembled my patented Christmas light hook, and wrapped 800 cheapo christmas lights around our thirty feet high tree in the front yard using only the pole and some help from my younger brother. Always pride myself in creating the finest of neighborhood tree experiences.

And now, I’m back down in Lynchburg until winter break comes around (which is weird, because Virginia doesn’t actually have winters) finishing up this semester in school. Hopefully it’ll end quick because the rest of this years excitement happens over winter break!