A Simple Solution

Recently, I found myself in a very, very strange situation. About $1,000 was taken out of my bank account by a variety of Grocery stores in Michigan. I’m not really sure what led to this, but the numbers seem to indicate the the transactions were performed automatically and erroneously. It was very stressful, got in the way of several transfers, and would have normally led to about $60 in various bills for not having things paid on time. Even though the charges were just pending, they were blocking my responsibilities and it was a very rotten thing of Meijer and Kroger to let happen.

But there was a light in this whole situation - and that light was my bank, Simple. They handled the whole situation so wonderfully. From the beginning, where I disabled my card via my phone - to them allowing me to have access to funds early so my transfers didn’t bounce - to their patience with answering all of my questions regarding the process via their support tool. I got all my funds back really quick, had a new card shipped overnight for free, and never once really felt scared that those funds were lost for good.

The same situtation with Meijer and their factiousious charges started on my roommates card as well (whatever triggered it seemed to happen on a Kroger run we made the week before), and he banks with Chase. His phone call to get things cancelled took a considerable amount of time and telling the same story again. He also was taken care of well after that.

Simple has been fantastic in every other regard too, and I have invites if you’d like some! Tweet me - @kylehotchkiss - to see if I still have one, I’d be delighted to share my experience with you!