3225 miles (a railroad adventure)

I’m taking a long train ride during the Holidays this year. It’s a 3,225 mile journey from my hometown in Virginia to San Diego, California. This is something I have wanted to do (and talked about) for the past two years. It was a hard decision to make - the train ride is three days long and I will have to sleep in a normal coach seat (which apparently are like first-class on an airplane). I have no idea what type of cold-related delays there will be, no idea what kind of people I will be in the same car with, and no idea what I’ll do for three days. I’m not worried though, something about this trip brings me a lot of peace and excitement. I have never seen America as a whole and this is the best time and the best way to do it!

I will have the opportunity to explore small bits of Washington DC, Chicago, Los Angeles, and San Diego. I will hopefully get glimpses of Pittsburgh, Kansas City, and Albuquerque. I will ride down one of the most beautiful parts of the Pacific coast. There are countless other stops and places to see in between all of these. I’m not certain just yet, but I hope it involves lots of snow and lots of mountains in some point of the ride!

This will also bring my miles travelled by train to 10,000 for the year, which is more than I’ve flown or driven. The routes I am riding on include the Capitol Limited, the Southwest Chief, and the Pacific Surfliner.

The craziest question - what in the world do I wear for all of this?