1600 Miles (i'm a commuter)

I finally got around to doing the math. 1600 miles is the total. That is more than most people moved their whole lives before the invention of the automobile. That is farther than most people will even go from home. 1600 miles is what I have logged in the past three weeks of commuting. It is been a bittersweet thing. I can observationally tell you many new things about rail transportation, about the physics at play, and can name many of the oddities on the RF&P subdivision. I can tell you about the houses that see over 40 trains a day, the strange power plant, the presidents helicopters, the pentagon, a very busy airport, and why Union Station is such a weird place.

I have also realized I traveled more on railways than most Americans will even live to do. It is really sad, because rail is an incredibly comfortable way to travel. I have never felt crammed, inhuman, nor tiny on a train. I just feel like I am going somewhere. Guess that is what makes us different, after all.